CPEAC Canadian Public Employee Acquisition Club

Strength in Numbers, Discounts in Numbers

We operate an exclusive program not for, or accessible by the public. The only prerequisite is that you are Canadian Public Employee. The only way you can see the great specials is through our Key Link.

Make sure to register, and help spread the word!

We strongly encourage you to register and gain access to the Key Link newsletters which contain deals available only for members.

Being a club member means you will be able to receive extraordinary incentives on goods and services and you will be able to suggest goods and services that you wish us to negotiate on your behalf. Tell a co-worker "Strength in numbers..", the more members we have, the more leverage we will have with manufacturers when seeking out deals for you public employees.

Crowd Clout

CPEAC.org is coupling Crowd Clout with the “Intention Economy”, where the buyer notifies the market of the intent to buy and sellers compete for the buyer’s purchases. CPEAC.org is the banner under which Crowd Clout empowers every Canadian Public Employee as consumers to exercise their collective purchasing strength. Crowd Clout is the objective of CPEAC.org and Canadian public employees have it.Its time you use it.

Under CPEAC.org federal, provincial and municipal employees throughout Canada are encouraged to unite to create the largest purchasing force in the country.

View the latest Key Link to see what your Crowd Clout has accomplished. You must be registered to receive the monthly key link by email.

Our objective

We're leveraging the purchasing power of the Canadian public employee by establishing a win/win situation between manufacturers and consumers who buy in groups. This principle is called Crowd Clout.

Dedicated to

  • Municipal Provincial, and Federal Employees
  • Healthcare Workers
  • Educators & Administrators
  • Police, Fire, and Armed Forces
  • Union Administrators