The Canadian Public Employee Acquisition Club (CPEAC) is a nonpartisan benefit program designed exclusively for Canadian public employees. This national program is exclusively for members and potential members at all levels of government including education, healthcare and the public security sectors. There is no fee and no obligation, the only membership criteria is employment by a non private corporation.

CPEAC was initially created to group small pockets of Canadian public employees in rural areas so they would have access to benefits normally reserved for larger and more concentrated groups. CPEAC has and continues to establish relationships with individual Canadian labor organizations. We seek these associations for the purpose of leveraging Canadian public employees purchasing power.

Our vision of unification gives the opportunity to individual labor organizations to capitalize on each others membership size for the benefit of their individual members. CPEAC gives the individual labor organization the opportunity to bring a fresh and dynamic benefit program to their membership without cost, implication or interference with any existing program that they may have in place.

CPEAC philosophy and program are based on three important principals, Crowd Clout, which leverages ones purchasing power, the Intent Economy advising suppliers, who is on the market and for what, and finally it must always be a Win/Win situation, for all involved. As the foundation of our program, these three principals guide every decision that we make.

The mechanics are simple; a monthly e-blast provides a Key Link that opens the door to the specials being offered within CPEAC web site. Every edition carries a different Key Link insuring exclusivity and integrity of the program. This exclusivity is a benefit for both suppliers and members, suppliers have the latitude to tailor their offers without fear of affecting their existing marketing campaigns, and members receive special offers that would not normally be available to them.